Arthur Area Spotlight Tour

November 10, 2018

THe Woodwright's Guild prevously offered a dynamic tour of the shops throughout the countryside, focusing on quality and exceptional workmanship. The Arthur Area Spotlight Tour will continue this traditional by showcasing a collection of unique businesses with a variety of offerings from the area. One can expect to see many authentic goods as you travel through Arthur and the countryside. 

Make your first stop the Welcome Center in Downtown Arthur. Here you will receive a special greeting while picking up your map for the tour and start your food journey.

  • Arthur Welcome Center 
  • Aikman Wildlife
  • Arthur General Store
  • Beachy's Bulk Foods
  • Beachy's Counter Tops
  • Bear Creek Cabinets
  • Das Holz Haus
  • Green Mill Village
  • Homestead Bakery
  • Kauffman Custom Wood Interiors
  • Miller's Storage Buildings
  • Roselens Coffee & Delights
  • S & S Heating
  • Wilsons Kitchens & More 
  • Yoder's Kitchen