Travel Back ™

Arcola, Arthur, Sullivan and Tuscola invite you to travel back. Travel back to a simpler time, where craftsmen and artisans create beauty with their hands. Travel back for heirloom antiques and unique shops. Travel back for one-of-a-kind recreation and dining experiences that will appeal to your whole family.

Amish Country of Illinois – Travel Back.

Girls Getaway

This getaway is perfect for you and your best girlfriends. From shopping to eating delicious food, you will have the best time!

Couples Weekend

Enjoy a two-day getaway with your significant other. This itinerary is the perfect way to relax as a couple and enjoy everything Amish Country has to offer.

Guys Getaway

This getaway is perfect for a group of guys. Filled with golfing at two fantastic golf course and delicious food, you won't be disappointed!

Foodies Getaway

Calling all foodies! This itinerary is perfect for you. From authentic Amish food, to BBQ - you will keep your tastebuds very happy.