Family Friendly Activities

Amish Heritage Center

Living in Central Illinois almost my entire life, I have always seen buggy’s and individuals living in the Amish Community. This week, we decided to stop at the Illinois Amish Heritage Center, right on Route 133, to learn more about individuals living in the Amish community.


This gem in our area is open on Friday’s and Saturdays from 9AM - 4PM and is $5 per person to walk through the 4 different buildings, including an Amish German Schoolhouse and a home from 1882 - both of which were moved to the center, mostly by horse drawn power! If you would like a guided tour, they are $10 per person, and the gentleman who gives them is a wealth of knowledge and information! They also have a very nice covered area with picnic tables and a porta potty, if your kids need to use the restroom.


After our stop at the heritage center, we headed into Arthur and went to the Eberhardt Park. We haven’t been before, but we will most definitely be back!!! This was such a sweet park! They have two super fun playgrounds AND an awesome dig site with excavators for the kids to dig in the sand! Brayson LOVED this! We even found some “bones” hidden under the sand so it was like an excavation site! Mom hack: there is a spigot on the side of the building, next to the men’s restroom, so you can rinse off feet and hands there after playing in the sand!!


We then called ahead to Pauleys BBQ. Now, if you have never had Pauleys BBQ, you need to drop what you are doing and go right now! Everything I have had here is udderly (haha) magnificent! Amazing - so so good!!! By calling ahead, it’s ready when you get there and you can take it to go or eat it there. We needed to get back to pick Bronwyn up at her friend's house (she was there, participating in a decorated bicycle parade) so we took ours to go and ate at home….. at which point Sheldon, our Bernedoodle snuck 2 pieces of my smoked turkey and loved every bite. Such is the life of a Mom, right - I now understand why Papa Bears Porridge was piping hot, Baby’s Bears porridge was just right and Mama Bears was cold.