Family Friendly Activities

Planning your summer bucket list? Ingrid is sharing all the must see places in Amish County of Illinois!

Each week she will feature one of her favorite spots in our area! If you’re planning a family trip you won’t want to miss Ingrid’s kid friendly activities


Flesor's Candy Kitchen

You can't visit Amish Country with out stopping by Flesor's Candy Kitchen for lunch or just a sweet treat! Here's what you need to know about visiting this old fashion soda fountain!

Where to stay when visiting Amish Country

Ingrid shares her favorite things about their stay at the Holiday Inn in Tuscola!

El Taco Tako

One of our absolute favorite places ever to eat is El Tako Taco in Arcola! If you have never been, you are missing out on some of the best and most authentic Mexican cuisine our area has to offer - hands down it is AMAZING!!!!

The Pantry

My kids are picky eaters - and I mean picky…. If it isn’t macaroni and cheese or pizza or chicken nuggets, it is pretty much non-existent food for them.  They do branch out a bit, but in all seriousness; it isn’t too far off from that.  When we decide to go out to eat, i...

Hiking at Camp Camfield & Northend Pub

Lunch with a lake view? Check out Northend Pub and Grill!

Beachy's Bulk Foods

Parties. I love parties! Well, I should clarify…. I love planning parties! If I could make a worthwhile business out of planning parties, I would have a side gig - I just take too long to plan them and pay too much attention to every single detail. Literally. I make a final walk-through check...

Sullivan Park & Library

One of the BEST summertime activities, leading to good nighttime sleep is visiting area parks and playgrounds! Our family has visited pretty much all of the parks within an hour radius of our home - I think parks/playgrounds are a fantastic “filler”…. When we’re going on an ...

Sullivan fishing and building 1225

Right down the road on route 32 is Woods Lake! This is a somewhat hidden gem for a great fishing opportunity!

Prairie Hill Blueberry Farm

The farm has over 1,000 blueberry bushes and boasts 5 different varieties of blueberries. Try a blueberry from a bush, and if you like that blueberry, pick away from that bush!

Tuscola Pool & Tuscola T-sno

The new Disney movie, Luca, has been a huge hit in our home!  My kids think they are part sea animals, I swear, as we go swimming almost every single day in the summer!  That is no joke.  We are super blessed to have good friends who have a pool and are very gracious in letting us com...

Kayaking at Walnut Point

There is something about being in nature that is so peaceful and relaxing… especially when you are on a three person canoe with 2 7-year-olds, right?  This week we went to Walnut Point State Park, right outside of Oakland, and enjoyed renting kayaks and eating at the restaurant there on ...

Amish Heritage Center

Living in Central Illinois almost my entire life, I have always seen buggy’s and individuals living in the Amish Community. This week, we decided to stop at the Illinois Amish Heritage Center, right on Route 133, to learn more about individuals living in the Amish community.   This gem ...

Joe's Pizza and Tuscola Public Library

There are countless reasons your local public library is beyond fantastic!  Just to name one… it is essentially free for you!  If you live within city limits, you have already paid to use the library, and if not, many of the services are still free and available to you - like the pr...

Amish Buggy ride & Heartland Deli

I remember a time in college when my sorority sisters and I came to the Arthur area to go to our advisor’s home for a meeting and we saw some Horse and Buggy’s.  Their reaction was PRICELESS - they all screamed and could not believe they saw a “real life horse and buggy?!&rdqu...

Ta'Carbon & Tuscola Outlet Mall

It’s Back to School time!!! This means back to school shopping & preparing new wardrobes & special treats!   I have always ordered our kids school supplies online. True story. It’s saves so much time (and money as we’re not in the store finding way more ). Target is ...