Family Friendly Activities

Kayaking at Walnut Point

There is something about being in nature that is so peaceful and relaxing… especially when you are on a three person canoe with 2 7-year-olds, right?  This week we went to Walnut Point State Park, right outside of Oakland, and enjoyed renting kayaks and eating at the restaurant there on the pond!  We were able to rent a 2-person Kayak for Ted & Brayson and a 3-person Kayak for Bronwyn, myself, and her friend Alex! I would recommend reserving kayaks online, in advance, as you save $5 a kayak that way ( and can make certain you have a kayak when you arrive!  If you already own a kayak, there is a kayak launch - when you enter Walnut Point, instead of turning left to go towards “concessions” (aka the restaurant), you turn right and there is a boat/kayak launch!


It was an absolutely beautiful day to kayak!  There was a light breeze, but not overpowering, and the sun was shining down on us! The boys were in a 2-person kayak and took to kayaking like a duck to water.  We were in the 3-person kayak and did pretty well!  It took a bit to get used to the three of us rowing, because your paddles are so close together, but once we did it was smooth(ish) sailing!  


After we were finished kayaking, we headed up to the restaurant to eat!  Yummy - everything was so so good!  I had a Chicago Dog, the girls got the chicken tenders, Brayson got a hot dog, and Ted got a BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger!  We got fries to share, and onion rings, and everything was so good!  The french fry servings are definitely large enough to split between 2 kids, and an adult!


A few ideas to make your trip great!

  • Wear sandals and take them off before you get in the kayak!  This way you can dip your feet in the water to cool off!

  • Sunscreen/hats/sunglasses are a must!

  • I brought fish food along for the kids to feed fish as we rested in the kayaks!  The guys were able to see lots of turtles from one spot they found.  We keep a bag of this fish food on hand ( as we go enough places that we feed fish, and I want to be certain we are using the correct food, and not just bread or crackers!

  • Water - bring water bottles for everyone to stay hydrated!

  • Snacks - ohhhhh heavens, pack snacks for the kayak as the kids got hungry from all of the paddling!

  • A Waterproof bag.  One would have thought I had waded into the lake when we were finished as my legs and shorts were WET; however, I did not - I just got wet from the paddles as I brought one side up and the other down.  This means my bag did as well, so I was thankful it was waterproof!