Family Friendly Activities

Joe's Pizza and Tuscola Public Library

There are countless reasons your local public library is beyond fantastic!  Just to name one… it is essentially free for you!  If you live within city limits, you have already paid to use the library, and if not, many of the services are still free and available to you - like the programming options; and if you would like a card, there is a minimal annual fee involved (in comparison to all you receive, it is super minor).  Our local Tuscola library has a ginormous  DVD collection - Blue Rays, regular DVDs, and children’s DVDs all separated to make it easy for you to peruse!  Not only that, but they also have an excellent adult collection and an entire room devoted to the children’s collection!  I am an avid reader, but sometimes I get in a rut - I cannot find something that I just cannot put down…. I have on more than one occasion asked one of the librarians for suggestions and they always have fantastic ideas!


If there is a book you want and our library does not have it, you can easily borrow it from another library - for free!  It takes just a few days for the materials to arrive and you get an email and/or text message and/or phone call to let you know it has arrived at our local library and you just have to go check it out!  It is fantastic!  


Outside of materials, our local Tuscola library has lots of great programming available!  Each Tuesday at 10:00 AM, there is children’s storytime with Ms. Marta!  This is currently held outside on the front lawn, under the large shade tree, but it can also be virtual if weather doesn’t allow for it to be held outside!  They have hosted BINGO and trivia and cooking demonstrations and book clubs and travel clubs and so much more!  You can check out their Facebook page or stop by the library and pick up a printed calendar - each month they provide a new one that is chock-full of activities and events for ALL ages!


After visiting our library, you can mosey on down the way to Joe’s Pizza in Tuscola!  If you have not had Joe’s pizza yet, Oh My Goodness!  It is AMAZING!  The pizza and pasta and salad - oh my! So so good!  One of the best kept secrets - the creamy Italian dressing is second to none.  Our waitress said not too many people get it, but the ones who do try it just rave about it!  They also have specials almost every day, so be certain to check out their Facebook page in order to see what you can get for a special!  We were able to get 2 large one-topping pizzas for $22, and had lots to bring home!


Joe’s Pizza also has a game room.  Consider Yourself Warned, Be Prepared & Proceed with Caution if you have kids who love to play video games!  Bronwyn  and Brayson LOVED the game room!  Some games take tokens, some games take quarters, so be prepared for both!  The claw machines were a huge hit, and I am happy to report that I personally was able to successfully retrieve 2 dragon toys from a claw machine (we don’t need to discuss how many tries it took, right)!  


We sat at a table close to the game room so they could easily come and go as they wanted to play and then eat, wash hands and repeat! It was not a super busy night, as we went on a weeknight after Flag Football, so I felt very comfortable with them coming and going.  The game room just recently reopened, so B and B were thrilled!  On another note - I also know of some people who have had birthday parties at JOe’s and utilized the Game Room… Just an idea for a future event :) 


Sadly, the evening we went, they were sold out of Cheesecake; however, I have heard from multiple people that the cheesecake is absolutely amazing!  So I would strongly recommend trying it - and then let me know what you think!!