Family Friendly Activities

El Taco Tako

We have so many hidden gems right here in Douglas County that you don’t have to travel far to find one-of-a-kind fun!  


For this week’s adventure, we had two things we wanted to do: 
  1. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!
  2. Visit a One-of-a-Kind place!


For the longest time, I always thought Cinco de Mayo was Mexico’s Independence Day… welp, it’s not.  It’s better known as The Battle of Puebla Day, and you can learn more about it from the History Channel.  Nonetheless, we LOVE Mexican food in our house, and always jump at the chance to enjoy a good taco!  


One of our absolute favorite places ever to eat is El Tako Taco in Arcola!  If you have never been, you are missing out on some of the best and most authentic Mexican cuisine our area has to offer - hands down it is AMAZING!!!!  It is run by a husband and wife - the wife does all of the cooking and let me tell you - she has a gift!  They are closed part of the year as they travel back to Mexico, so be sure to check out their facebook page to stay informed of when they are back, and open!  El Taco Tako doesn’t have a super large dining room, so we always call to order ahead (allow about 20 minutes) and take it to go!  And Holy Guacamole!  Your tastebuds will never be the same. Seriously.  WOWZA!  I get the chicken tacos, Ted gets the steak tacos, B and B get the nachos - no meat or jalapenos, and cheese tacos to share!


Since we get our food to go, we need somewhere to eat it, right?!  Where else to go and eat than the One and ONLY Hippie Memorial in the world right here in Douglas County!  It has a sweet bright yellow glider you can sit and enjoy a yummy meal from El Taco Tako while you picnic and read about it and look at all of the details.  Every time we looked at it, we would notice something new!  How do you find more interesting things like this?  Check out this article  It will tell you the history of the Hippie Memorial in Arcola, and you can explore more roadside attractions found in America!