Family Friendly Activities

Sullivan Park & Library

One of the BEST summertime activities, leading to good nighttime sleep is visiting area parks and playgrounds! Our family has visited pretty much all of the parks within an hour radius of our home - I think parks/playgrounds are a fantastic “filler”…. When we’re going on an adventure somewhere and have some time to burn - find a local park to play!


We have ranked our favorite five parks - these are the ones we will make an adventure in and of themselves as we feel they are fun enough to warrant a trip! In our “top five” is Sullivan’s Wyman Park! We love this park for so many reasons!! It is well shaded - perfect for picnic lunches! The Civic Center is right there - easy access to clean bathrooms! There are a multitude of play areas - something for all ages! They have a lot of “classic” play equipment - the super fun big slides and carousel swings and merry go rounds! B and B always have a blast when we go to this park!


We had a picnic lunch on the day we went and then headed to the Sullivan Library!! With your library card, you are able to check out books from most of our neighboring libraries due to the SHARE agreement! The libraries in our area all belong to Illinois Heartland Library System and most belong to SHARE, meaning you can go to any of our neighboring library’s (Champaign is not included in this) and borrow books from them, and then return it to your own library!!


While the kids played in the super awesome play area of the Sullivan Library, I was able to peruse the books and we checked out a stack of about 10 books! After we’re done reading these, I can return them to our home library and they will deliver them back to Sullivan for us! No charge!! You can also take advantage of the Explore More  Illinois options and get discounts to various museums and attractions in Illinois with your library card!


We love the Sullivan Library so much! The play area is large and has lots and lots of toys and manipulatives and play sets to enjoy for a long time! The kids played for well over an hour and a half while I looked for books and knitted! If you like to fish, you can even check out fishing rods from the Sullivan Library! Each and every library is so unique, and offers so much to explore and learn - all already covered for you if you live in-district for your local library, and for a small fee if you are out of district!