Family Friendly Activities

Flesor's Candy Kitchen

One of the first things people talk about when I tell them we are from Tuscola is Flesor’s Candy Kitchen!  I have a number of friends who come from out of town, just to visit and eat at Flesor’s!  We have visited a number of times in the past; however, this time I got to go with a new lens and new information to share!!!


Here's everything you need to know about visiting Flesor's Candy Kitchen:
  • If you call ahead (217)253-3753, Devon will be glad to show you around - including the candy kitchen where they make all of the SUPER yummy candy!  We even got to try a “naked turtle” AND got to see her make turtle fudge!

  • They serve breakfast AND lunch and let me tell you - there isn’t anything that isn’t good!  Order and eat the Flesor’s special for breakfast and roll me outta there - it is incredible.  Fried pickle spears for lunch - call that a meal with a hand mixed Diet Coke, but the Greek Gus Burger is heavenly so add that on to your bill too!  They also have LOTS of great kid options.  I don’t know about your kids, but B & B could survive on chicken strips, mac & cheese, pizza, and grilled cheese - Flesor’s has you covered with the chicken strips & grilled cheese - so so good!  A note - the grill shuts off at 3:00.  No food is served after this, even though they are still open until 5:00 for candy and ice cream and sodas, so make certain you are there before 3:00 if you want food!

  • Then, the ice cream OHHHHH the ice cream!  The hot fudge is warm, and each flavor of ice cream is more delicious than the last!  Get the ice cream - you can even purchase it by the quart to take home, which you won’t regret doing (we may have some coffee ice cream in our freezer right now)!  

  • The hand mixed sodas - Bronwyn got a strawberry & vanilla and it was delish!  Brayson stuck to a classic diet coke which was so good and fun to watch them make!

  • The candy is out of this world!  They have a “try me” dish, and I don’t mind if I do, I will gladly try one of their homemade sweet treats each time I visit :)

  • Get the 1 ½ pound box.  Trust me on this one.  We got the one pound box of candy and didn’t even make it ½ way through the candy cabinet before it was full… another secret, the 1 ½ pound box actually has about 2 pounds of chocolate in it as they stuff them full!

  • If you have a Tuscola Warriors football card, you can get $5 off of a $25 bill AND a free ice cream with the purchase of a meal!  That’s a win-win; supporting the football team AND saving money!

  • Not only do they have amazing food, but the history of the building is unmatched!  Devon & Ann’s grandfather was an immigrant from Greece and opened Flesor’s Candy Kitchen in 1901.  Devon & Ann’s parents ran the candy kitchen until 1977.  The building came up for sale, Devon & Ann found out all of the original antique furnishings were in storage in Tuscola and they were able to purchase them and the building and reopened their family business to continue the legacy!

  • You will find their grandfather Gus’ original popcorn machine, the original floors, and original furnishing!

  • This librarian's heart was made super happy to find the library!  It is a take and leave, so come and take a book (or 10) and enjoy!  They have people donate boxes of books, so if you have some you would like to give new life to, drop them off to the Candy Kitchen!  There is also a donation jar that they then donate to the Tuscola Public Library.  

  • There is an amazing meeting room and they have hosted countless showers, meetings and more!

  • Ann has written a book!  Sweet Greeks: First-Generation Immigrant Confections in the Heartland!  You can purchase it at Flesor’s Candy Kitchen, or on Amazon and I cannot wait to read it.  I had no idea there were Confectionary Kitchens all throughout Central Illinois!


  • Connect with them on Facebook or visit their website here  for their full menu!