Family Friendly Activities

The Pantry

My kids are picky eaters - and I mean picky…. If it isn’t macaroni and cheese or pizza or chicken nuggets, it is pretty much non-existent food for them.  They do branch out a bit, but in all seriousness; it isn’t too far off from that.  When we decide to go out to eat, it is a guess as to what they may or may not like.  We were just in Chicago this past weekend and eating at a nice, and not-so-cheap restaurant… ordered something we thought B and B would like, and no siree… tried one bite and wanted to go through a drive-thru on the way home!


This weekend we tried The Pantry for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! We have lived in Tuscola for 8 years and have never eaten there one single time!  What have we been doing all of this time??  It was delicious!!!  Ted had a salad, I tried the triple threat and it was AMAZING!  The topping on the whole experience?  Bronwyn and Brayson got the grilled cheese, ate their entire sandwich, and asked for more!!!! I bought them another one and they ate the entire thing again!!  They were also so very excited to learn that The Pantry has Dippin Dots ice cream - they each got one, and even had one to take home!  


Not only does The Pantry have amazing food, but they also have farm-fresh eggs, frozen soup, fresh lunch meats and cheeses, and lots of bulk foods!  Bronwyn was so excited to find Lucky Charms marshmallows, and I was excited to see so many choices for sprinkles!  Yummy fresh bread, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and more!  Such a great place to find easy gifts, gift cards, order ahead for food, and get some soups to have dinner at home!