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Beachy's Bulk Foods

Parties. I love parties! Well, I should clarify…. I love planning parties! If I could make a worthwhile business out of planning parties, I would have a side gig - I just take too long to plan them and pay too much attention to every single detail. Literally. I make a final walk-through checklist to be done before any guest arrives, and after all is set up, to make certain nothing was forgotten! Has anyone ever made something for a get-together and then smacked your forehead at the end, once you remembered you forgot to set it out? Hence, the checklist!


It takes way too long to plan our kids' birthday parties, but I have so much fun doing it!!! Brayson's party is in mid-July and is 100% done, aside from food being made. All decorations made and ordered, take-home gifts complete, master plan done, food table planned - we are ready! If an emergency happened, anyone could step in and finish it, if needed.


A soup swap, a Christmas cookie exchange, a favorite things party, an Easter Egg Hunt, an outdoor movie (complete with blow-up pools, pillows, and blankets for each kiddo to have their own pool/seat and a concession stand). Yep! It is so fun!


Each party is unique and exciting and needs a special touch! I needed to find something specific for Brayson’s birthday party - I wanted to make Shark Bait Skewers and needed some specific things. Blue fish gummies & red/white lifesaver gummies. One of the best places to find just about any unique need you may need - party or otherwise is….. Beachy’s!!!! They have treasures and yummy foods and bread and baking supplies galore!


Every single time I go to Beachy’s, I find something new that we just must have! Some of my favorites include:

  • Lucky Charms Marshmallows - yep, just the marshmallows in one bag of deliciousness!

  • Vanilla straight from Mexico - it is so wonderful to bake with! They have had trouble getting it in recently, but I keep trying!

  • The candy aisle. My kids call Beachy’s the candy store, simply because of all of the fun candy! Each time we go they get to pick out a few new types of candy to bring home!

  • The bread, well any of the home-baked items!

  • Fun finds and gift ideas (see below)

  • The deli meats & cheese

  • Chocolate Rocks - if you haven’t had them, get them!

  • Toys - Melissa & Doug and more!

  • Berenstain Bear books!!!  

  • Ted really likes the seasoned peanuts


This last time we went, Bronwyn and I found an adult coloring puzzle! One of my dear friends just broke her foot and enjoys puzzles…. She has also found out during this broken foot journey that she enjoys adult coloring pages! I was so excited to find the 2-in-1 gift for her! I’ll make her dinner and give her the gift to keep her occupied!

Bronwyn’s favorite things about Beachy’s:

  • The “kid-size” carts

  • The candy aisle

  • All of the toy options


Every time we go, we find something new and fun - we found some Tabasco Jelly Belly’s and thoroughly enjoyed giggling as we tricked Ted and my nephew into thinking they were just normal old jelly beans… and then they had a bite - WOWZA!


On another side note… if you purchased a Williams Elementary Deal Card, you can get $5 off of $50 each time you go! A great deal, for sure!!


What have you found at Beachy’s that you enjoy and get each time you go?