Family Friendly Activities

Ta'Carbon & Tuscola Outlet Mall

It’s Back to School time!!! This means back to school shopping & preparing new wardrobes & special treats!


I have always ordered our kids school supplies online. True story. It’s saves so much time (and money as we’re not in the store finding way more ). Target is my personal “go to”, and Target shipping is not what I would call well-packed as we got a box with one ruler in it; however, this also means we received about a dozen boxes for school supplies (thank you for recycling ), so it was like Christmas morning for the kids to open them!!! As the boxes arrive, we put them on the dining room table and once all have arrived, I go through them and put them in each kiddos bag and label the supplies that need labeled! It’s a win-win!


Now for some fresh clothes for back-to-school, we’ll love to go to our local outlet mall!!! They are open Monday - Saturday from 11AM-7PM and on Sundays from noon-5PM! You can go straight to the Tuscola Outlet website to see the listing of stores and it will link you directly to the stores websites so you are able to see what sales they are promising!!


Also, at the outlet mall is a playground!!! It is covered, which is fantastic because it never gets hot from the sun! It is perfect if you take two adults for one to take the kids when they are done with their stores so the other adult can go to Bath & Body Works, or other stores that I personally am okay with not taking my kiddos in as we tend to spend a loooooot more and come out with a bazillion hand sanitizers


Now, before or after shopping, you need to eat. Super close to the outlet mall is TA Carbon. Holy. Batman. Oh me oh my! Just thinking about the steaks is making my mouth water again!!!!!! Ted got the ribeye, I got the New York Strip and they were some of the best steaks we’ve ever had in our lives


They have a great kids menu, with super kid-friendly options! And Bronwyn LOVED the “really big fries” (aka steak fries )! Oh, and we got the dill pickle fries for an appetizer- I’ve never had them in this format, and they were delicious! Definitely get them if you like fried pickles!!


A mom back - they have coloring books and crayons, so be sure to ask for these for your kids!! You can tear out the pages for your kids to color and then take home! You  must  go ! Your life will forever be enriched, trust me on this!